Saturday, April 20, 2024

Polin adds repeatable Stingray to waterslide lineup

Polin Waterparks now offers a compact four-lane, eight-passenger, high capacity racing tube slide entitled the Stingray. Guests begin in the roofed start tower that not only provides shade but also a cooling mist overhead while guests get ready to enter one of the four flume entrances. The enclosed flumes have multiple interweaving ride paths that exit into two gigantic bowls before guests race to the end. The two bowls contain two unique paths in each — one that is larger in diameter, longer, faster and more exhilarating and one that is smaller in diameter, shorter and entertaining.

Images courtesy of Polin Waterparks.

The Stingray presents a highly repeatable water slide due to guests choice of lane and combination of rider weights. It also utilizes Polin’s UTEXTURE technology with it long-lasting artwork, UV protection and ability to be customizable.

What makes Stingray even more unique is the water and sound show it offers. Guests hear the sound of the Stingray’s wings, flying through water, as they spin inside the huge inner bowl. In the outer bowl, the guests explore the mysterious ocean with a sound and light show and then complete their experience as they are quickly dispersed around the wings. This contrast in special effects further sets the experience of the two paths apart.

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