Friday, December 1, 2023

Adventureland Resort resumes trips to The Underground

Work is underway at Adventureland Resort as the Altoona theme park prepares for its 50th birthday celebration in 2024. After adding 11 new rides to the park over the last two years, the park will kick off its 50th birthday season with the return of the Underground. The world’s only indoor wooden roller coaster is set to reopen in 2024, complete with new upgrades that will elevate the ride experience for guests of all ages.Next year, visitors can expect to be taken on a journey deep below Adventureland Resort, in search of more than just Sheriff Sam’s infamous lost gold. Guests will embark on a mission through the abandoned mine, in search of legendary outlaw Bad Bob and his gang after a daring gold heist. The gang take cover in the old mine with the stolen gold, along with some new treasures. Incorporating new technology and effects, guests will find themselves in a story-driven experience like never before. As they venture deeper into the abandoned mine, riders will face new challenges, unexpected twists and opportunities to uncover hidden secrets along the way.The Underground roller coaster was built by Custom Coasters International in 1996. The unique design is a mix of a wooden roller coaster with a dark ride, which has created the only fully enclosed wooden roller coaster in the world. The ride will make its return in 2024 after undergoing a refurbishment project including work to the coaster’s track and train. The train has been sent to Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters in Hatfield, Pennsylvania where it is receiving a full rebuild.”This enhancement of Underground represents a major milestone for Adventureland, as we honor our past while embracing the future,” said Mike Lusky, Adventureland General Manager. “We can’t wait for our guests to embark on this new adventure as we celebrate the park’s 50th birthday in 2024.”

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