Thursday, July 18, 2024

Intamin Spinning Raft Ride premieres at Belgium’s Bellewaerde

Bellewaerde in Belgium just unveiled its latest attraction, Amazonia, to its guests and with this marked a new era for the classic and beloved Rapids Ride.

Amazonia is the first Intamin Spinning Raft Ride in the world, bringing together Intamin’s knowledge and technologies: an Inclined Lift with high-speed movement up to 3 times faster than regular ones, a Rotating Vertical Lift allowing riders to reach great heights while saving space, an already iconic and thrilling Halfpipe, and a Bungee element for a surprising and thrilling experience.

Exiting the station, guests ascend the inclined lift as the boat traverses the initial elevated section of the ride. After this, momentum is gained following the steel channel path, spinning through curves and turning downwards. Following some fun, small splashes, guests descend into a splashdown and traverse a slow-moving floating section. 

Transitioning from the floating channel, guests enter the Rotating Vertical Lift, granting great panoramic views during ascent, slowly rotating, to the 18-meter-high elevated steel channel. This brief final segment leads to the iconic Halfpipe, where an exhilarating drop awaits, returning to the station via a gentle floating section. 

Finally, a 5-meter Bungee Drop from the top into the mines and up again creates an almost weightless moment.

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