Saturday, June 25, 2022

Aquarium of the Pacific exhibit transitions to touchless

Cortina Productions, powered by Ultraleap technology, has turned the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Whales: Voices in the Sea exhibit touchless, allowing visitors to control the interactive content without touching surfaces or buttons.

Using Ultraleap’s camera module and their TouchFree application, Cortina Productions has been able to retrofit a popular 10-year-old exhibit and update it for today’s audiences. This hygienic solution allows visitors to continue to engage with the interactive exhibit and learn more about our oceans without the need to touch the screen.

Cortina Productions’ Principal, Jim Cortina explained, “Since we created these Aquarium of the Pacific experiences over a decade ago, we’ve had a wonderful working relationship with their team. It’s been exciting to work with them again as well as our partners at Ultraleap to bring touchless technology to the Whales: Voices in the Sea exhibit. The speed at which we’ve been able to implement the touchless software — days as opposed to months — means we can react to visitor needs and provide a variety of interactive options to help people feel comfortable in a museum setting again.”

Saurabh Gupta, Director of OOH Product at Ultraleap, said, “What Cortina has done with the Whales: Voices in the Sea exhibit is a perfect example of how well Ultraleap’s technology works to quickly retrofit existing experiences and meet the demands of Cortina’s customers and their visitors.”

Photos courtesy of Ultraleap.

TouchFree provides touchscreen emulation by detecting a user’s hand in mid-air, converting it to an on-screen cursor, and supporting an interaction method that users are familiar with. TouchFree is designed to run invisibly on top of existing user interfaces without the need for modifications to interfaces and design. It means minimal downtime for retrofitting, familiar interactions and the system continues to be easy for visitors to use.

Derek Balsillie, director of AV & IT at the Aquarium of the Pacific, said, “The Whales: Voices in the Sea kiosk exhibit is the main place in our Aquarium where you can learn about these magnificent marine mammals and their conservation. It is fantastic that Cortina Productions has been able to modernize the exhibit by making it a touchless experience within such a short period of time.”

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