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Blackpool Pleasure Beach upgrades their Walk the Big One experience

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is giving guests the chance to experience the UK’s tallest rollercoaster up close and personal. Walk the Big One XL takes participants on a guided tour of the Big One which covers many ups and downs of the 235-foot tall ride.

Building on the success of the existing Walk The Big One experience, which allows guests to climb the lifthill of the ride, Walk The Big One XL takes in even more of the ride.

Photo courtesy of Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

As well as climbing the 420 steps to the top of The Big One, participants will also get the chance to explore the ride’s maintenance area and get a better insight into how it works. They will also have the chance to climb up two new points on the ride where they will experience unique views of the ride, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the seafront.

Walk The Big One XL will be run by members of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s ride operations team who will guide guests through the experience, share facts and stories about the ride, and also share a few interesting tales about their time working with the famous ride.

The view from the top of The Big One, overlooking the park and the seafront. Photo courtesy of Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Speaking about Walk The Big One XL, Andy Hygate, Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Director of Operations comments, “The original Walk The Big One and Walk The Woodie events have been hugely successful so we wanted to develop a new experience to build on these and offer something completely new.

“Walk The Big One XL will take our guests to parts of the ride they will never have been to before and experience unique views of the ride and surrounding areas. Having tried the walk myself, I can definitely say that it’s something that all fans of Blackpool Pleasure Beach will love to take part in.”

The experience is priced at £150 (US$203) per person and will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Current dates available for Walk The Big One XL are Friday, April 29; Friday, May 6; and Friday, June 17. More dates may be added if demand is high for the event.

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