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BRC Designed Floriade 2012 World Horticulture Expo Opens in Venlo, Netherlands

Venlo, Netherlands (April 17, 2012) — As the creative master planner for the Floriade 2012 World Horticulture Expo, an international exhibition of flowers and gardening held every 10 years in the Netherlands, BRC Imagination Arts congratulates the Expo on its successful Grand Opening. BRC, one of the world’s leading experience designers, master planners and creators of distinctive exhibits and attractions for cultural heritage venues and museums, created the story-led master plan for Floriade that engages visitors in the Expo’s theme of how horticulture can move society toward greener, more sustainable living environments.

Spanning 35 hectares (86.5 acres) and featuring gardens, national pavilions, educational attractions and a theater, Floriade 2012 is expected to draw around 2 million visitors during its six month run. BRC’s role as master planner centered around creating an overall visitor experience that fully immerses guests as they move from one attraction to the next. To do this, BRC worked with the Floriade 2012 Planning Organization to create five different zones centered on eco-friendly themes, then divided the country and commercial pavilions over the different zones to effectively give guests a cohesive, immersive experience.

The five zones are:

– Environment: Experience How Horticulture Can Improve Daily Life;
– Green Engine: Where Industry Meets Nature;
– Relax & Heal: Where Horticulture is Revealed as a Healing Force;
– Education & Innovation: Learn About the Future; and
– World Show Stage: A Showcase of Several International Pavilions, focusing on Folk Stories and Culture.

“As master planner, BRC was responsible for developing Floriade’s over-arching story to ensure a seamless visitor experience,” said Paul Beck, General Manager of Floriade 2012. “This includes planning the flow of visitors as they move through the Expo’s grounds and ensuring they remain connected to the theme. Instead of just walking from one pavilion to the next, visitors will feel part of the story of how horticulture fits into the creation of a more verdant and eco-friendly planet.”

BRC is emerging as one of Europe’s leaders in master planning. Last year, as master planner for the new Museum of Liverpool, BRC developed the museum’s conceptual plan and schematic design, and worked closely with the museum to develop its theme and storyline. BRC is also engaged in the transformation of the Region Braunschweig and Wolfsburg in Germany into a tourist destination while improving the region’s quality of life. The goal is to tie the region’s natural environment, attractions and leisure activities together through a series of compelling stories and experiences to attract tourism and business, and contribute to the local economy.

“Engagement and emotion combined with practicality were our goals as we created Floriade 2012’s master plan,” said Bart Dohmen, Managing Director of BRC Europe. “The visitor experience will be enriched by the emotional theme of how horticulture plays a role in all of our lives and can lead to dramatic changes in the earth’s sustainability. It had to be practical as well, taking into account that the grounds will be used as a business park once the Expo ends.”

About BRC Imagination Arts  

BRC Imagination Arts is world-renowned for the design, creation and master planning of innovative and world-class museums, immersive branded attractions, visitor centers and world expo pavilions. The Company’s portfolio includes a diverse range of organizations, including Heineken, Disney, USA Pavilion Expo 2010, National Museums of Liverpool, NASA, Dolfinarium Harderwijk, Harrods, and Sportstad Heerenveen.

Since its founding in 1981, BRC has been honored with over 280 international awards for creative excellence including two Academy Award nominations and 17 Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement for its museum exhibits and visitor attractions. BRC has offices in California, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and China, and is currently engaged in projects in the United States, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. For more information, visit

Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman
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