Monday, December 4, 2023

CENTAMAN launch their next generation IP Enabled turnstiles

Remote Turnstile Management: Centurion turnstiles go online for remote configuration, diagnostics & support.

CENTAMAN’s next generation Centurion turnstiles now feature IP connectivity. CENTAMAN Remote Turnstile Management software is designed to access the IP enabled turnstiles via the internet allowing settings and timers to be remotely adjusted, turnstile operation history to be accessed and in the event of any problems, undertake remote diagnostics to identify what the problem is thereby reducing the time required on site or eliminating the need for a site visit completely.

Remote Turnstile Management coupled with a 24/7 Sydney based support centre ensures CENTAMAN is in the best position to keep your turnstiles operating as efficiently as possible no matter where they are located.

Remote Turnstile Management is designed to reduce the hidden cost of ownership and ensure the maximum up time of a turnstile system. It is now feasible to have turnstile settings remotely adjusted. In the event of any problems the cause of the problem can often be identified without sending someone to site and often that problem can be simply rectified either remotely or clear instructions can be given as to what is required thereby eliminating the cost and time delay of a technician to be sent to site. In the unlikely event that a technician is required to attend site they will know ahead of time what is required making the site visit quicker and more efficient.

‘With Australia being such a large country getting people to site can be an expensive and time consuming business which can increase the total cost of ownership of a turnstile system, this cost of ownership isn’t often considered when people are evaluating which system to buy. Now with our Remote Turnstile Management solution we can greatly reduce the ongoing costs and risk for our customers’. Says Michael Bystram, Manager CENTAMAN Entrance Control.
Remote Turnstile Management is compatible with most of CENTAMAN Centurion range of 1⁄2 height tripods, full height turnstiles and speedgates.

Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki
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