Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Chance Rides Showcases Car for Kentucky Kingdom’s New Lightning Run Hyper GT-X Coaster at IAAPA Expo


Wichita, KS, USA — The New Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay announced at Midnight on Saturday November 17, 2013 that they will reopen the park this May with a new steel hyper coaster called the Lightning Run. Chance Rides is proud to announce that we are the manufacturer of this brand new rollercoaster, the Hyper GT-X.

Lightning Run’s action packed layout features a 100 ft, 80 degree first drop, nearly straight down. The coaster races through approximately 2500 ft of track across high banked turns and multiple air-time elements. The Hyper GT-X features a brand new coaster train design with state of the art rider restraints.

Lightning Run is scheduled to open at the newly renovated Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay in May of 2014. In Orlando, FL, attendees can see the new coaster train on display at the IAAPA Expo until Friday November 22, 2013. They will also have the opportunity to see a 3-D video rendering of Lightning Run in the Chance Rides booth #5125.

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