Friday, September 22, 2023

Clip ‘n Climb launches new branded website and booking system

Clip ‘n Climb has teamed up with new digital partner MP Digital to design and launch a branded website and booking system that improves customer experience and allows their centers to manage their bookings more easily and efficiently. After a successful soft launch in 2019, Clip ‘n Climb is now ready to release its new branded website and booking system on a global scale.

MP Digital is a web development agency based in Nottingham, England, specializing in bespoke online solutions, specifically for the leisure industry. The agency works with big brands and companies to develop tailored websites and booking systems that focus on improving the overall user experience and customer service.

MP Digital’s founder, David Maran, says: “I wanted to create a company that enhances other companies, helps them to progress and become bigger and better. This is quite easy to see within the leisure industry, as success online generally increases throughput into a leisure center/business.”

The new branded Clip ‘n Climb website

MP Digital has created a bespoke website promoting a consistent brand identity that can be replicated across multiple centers – all built on a management platform that makes it straightforward to manage and maintain. It also has the features necessary to be served in different languages.

All of the Clip ‘n Climb websites are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which makes it possible for them to maintain GDPR and Data Protection compliance across the globe, along with fast page load speeds. The new branded website is important for attracting customers and directing them through to the booking system.

The new branded Clip ‘n Climb booking system

The Clip ‘n Climb branded booking system was designed with customer conversion and efficiency in mind. MP Digital has streamlined the user experience, improving the entire booking process and ensuring customer conversion without them getting confused or lost on the system.

The owner of Clip ‘n Climb Nottingham, David Robertson, thoroughly researched and cross- compared different booking systems before choosing to go with digital partner MP Digital, and found customers commented regularly on how easy the new system was to use. He says: “MP Digital took time to understand our business and our focus on customer experience not only in the center but from initial opening of the website. This allowed them to plan the customer journey making it as simple as possible for the customer to complete the transaction.”

The results

Since the launch of Clip ‘n Climb’s new international website in 2019, there has been a 30% increase in enquiries. Clip ‘n Climb centers report having more control of the system with less risk, and since the launch the bookings conversion rate across all the centers has increased to 25%. A total of 1.2 million visitors have booked since the soft launch in February 2019, for a total of £4.8 Million pounds of online booking.

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