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CONDUCTR introduces Attractions Intelligence at IAAPA Europe

CONDUCTR, a new UK-based innovation studio, announced in August 2022 its newest innovation, Attractions Intelligence, which uses next-generation AI (artificial intelligence) technology to reimagine classic experiences. The company has taken the example of a haunted house and given it a brain, to create a personalized fright experience.

Co-founder Peter Cliff says “We’re excited to launch Attractions Intelligence at CONDUCTR’s first IAAPA Expo Europe. We believe this technology has the power to transform the way attractions are created and experienced.” 

According to CONDUCTR this new solution can help operators to refresh existing attractions, personalize a walk-through experience or create something new to engage guests.

AI-driven immersion for themed attractions

By way of current advancements in AI, the firm presents the new system as able to read guests’ emotions, respond to their reactions, track their face and body movements and recognize artifacts, all in real time. The proprietary system then uses this data to affect controllable elements within attractions – evolving traditional linear ride control systems with future technologies. 

The goal is to enable operators to offer an enhanced, more engaging experience. Examples cited by CONDUCTR include portraits that follow the visitor around the room, instantly changeable digital content that transforms ride scenes, animatronics that recognize and react to individuals, or secret passageways and interactives that ‘unlock’ based upon the actions or outfits of the visitor.

“I believe we’re only just scratching the surface of what our Attractions Intelligence system is capable of,” says Ben Dowson, creative director of CONDUCTR. “For our launch campaign, we’re resurrecting the haunted house, which is a very powerful and compelling idea. But the AI system can be applied to all manner of attractions and narratives. It unlocks so much potential to create unique and more personalized ‘how did they do that?’ styled experiences.”

The autonomous AI technology is described as allowing for ‘passive interaction’ where guests interact and make choices without necessarily realizing it.

The company’s co-founder, Jos van der Steen, explains, “Stop interacting and start reacting is an intentionally bold statement. Through past experience and market research, we’ve found that guests don’t always want the pressure of having to make decisions as part of an attraction. How do I know what’s the best button to press, or the best door to walk through?

“Our Attractions Intelligence system takes care of that decision making by removing distracting interactives and daunting multiple choice. In the example of our haunted house, the AI system provides a magical, invisible layer of technology, which creates the illusion of an attraction that can think for itself.”

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