Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Cornell Theme Park Engineering Group Calling for Entries for Entrepreneur Competition

Ithaca, NY, USA — The Theme Park Entrepreneur Competition hosted by the Cornell University Theme Park Engineering Group will take place next month away.  Registration is officially open for the competition along with information about the structure at the Competition’s website under the TPEC 2015 tab:

Registration will close on the 28th of January but please sign up as soon as possible so organizers can get a projected size of the competition.

Competition Details

Teams will consist of 2-4 students of any major at any college (A wide variety of experience is encouraged).  Multiple teams will be allowed per college if desired.  Teams will be asked to make a 5 year plan for the development of a theme park focusing on design, layout, and intended demographic to make the most successful theme park given a certain plot of land.  This plot of land may be either a new area or a defunct theme park.  Teams will be given a certain restriction of amount of rides and will be asked to provide extra details about certain rides.  Teams will also be asked to create a branding for their park specifying how they would intend to attract guests with different holidays, special events, themed areas, etc..  Justification for the types of rides, layout of the park, theming/advertising of the park, and financial viability of the park will be required for each aspect of the proposed park.  Each park will be judged on the four criteria listed on the website.

Spread the Word

In order to prepare for the competition and spread the word, Facebook and Twitter pages have been created on which organizers will be releasing exclusive hints about the details of the competition including the site the competition will focus on and tasks that they will be asking competitors to do.  Please spread the word to anybody you think would be interested, more people means a more successful and legitimate competition.  The links are below:

Twitter: @TPEGCornell

Sponsors and Judges

Additionally organizers are in the process of arranging judges and prizes for the competition. They ask that anyone with connections that may be helpful in making this competition a success to please let them know who they are and how we may contact them.

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