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Cosm Studios partners with Cosmic Picture to expand Digistar planetarium portfolio

Cosm Studios announces a partnership with Cosmic Picture, an award-winning producer and distributor of immersive films, to expand its Premium Media Program. Available for planetariums running Digistar, the world’s most advanced planetarium system, the Premium Media Program offers a flexible and affordable way to access a growing library of fulldome content. Offering more than 40 award-winning fulldome shows, the Program is expanding to now include two new compelling cinematic experiences, “The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness” and “Back from the Brink-Saved from Extinction”.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the experienced team at Cosm to bring these two awe-inspiring conservation films to a broader audience. We have been producing and distributing shows for a number of years and continue to look for ways to get these important films in front of as many people as possible, and this partnership with Cosm allows us this opportunity,” said Antonietta Monteleone, President of Film Distribution at Cosmic Picture.

Cosm’s Premium Media Program offers a wide range of high-quality immersive content and enables participants to easily tailor their yearly programming and engage with their local community in a meaningful way.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Four films per year, which can be rotated on an annual basis
  • Pricing based on dome size/annual attendance
  • Five-year term, license fee paid annually
  • Educational guides for classrooms and field trip groups, along with marketing assets

Synopses for the Program’s newly added Cosmic Picture films can be seen below.

About Back from the Brink – Saved from Extinction

This immersive film explores extraordinary true stories of animals rescued from the brink of extinction. Audiences will meet California’s endearing Channel Island Fox, the smallest canid in the world, imperiled by the introduction of Golden Eagles to their only habitat. Witness the stunning migration of the Christmas Island Red Crabs, thinned dangerously by the Crazy Ant invasion. The film then takes audiences on a journey to Yunnan, China to find the enigmatic Golden Monkey, high on the most-endangered primates list and living in one of the most biodiverse and remote regions of the world. Back from the Brink, with real and inspiring conservation stories, renews hope that our threatened planet and all its inhabitants can be saved.

Back from the Brink - Saved from Extinction Poster

About The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness

Imagine a vast, wild, and magical place in the far north of Alaska where one of earth’s greatest natural spectacles unfolds. Discover a land that has evolved intact and untamed since the beginning of time, a world few have truly seen until now. Join National Geographic Photographer Florian Schulz to experience this special place worth protecting.

The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness Poster

Cosm is committed to bringing innovative immersive experiences and content to audiences around the world, powering more than 700 planetariums across the globe. Digistar planetariums that are looking to deliver new content to their audiences on a regular basis or are interested in adding The Arctic – Our Last Great Wilderness and/or Back from the Brink to their current programming subscription should follow

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