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Crayola & OceanX let families explore the ocean

Crayola, the famous children’s creativity brand, and OceanX, a leading global non-profit ocean exploration organization, are partnering to bring the wonders of the ocean to the next generation through imagination and creativity in the first collaboration of its type for both parties.

The multi-faceted relationship aims to creatively inspire the next generation of ocean explorers and aligns both organization’s goals: to educate young leaders through creativity, imagination, wonder and exploration. The partnership will include co-branded products and experiences including home adventure kits, creativity products, educational content, and the first ever takeover of Crayola’s family destination — Crayola Experience.

Video courtesy of Crayola.

The Crayola-inspired, interactive attractions at Crayola Experience encourage children and adults alike to unleash their imagination and experience creativity and color in a whole new way. The aquatic-themed, OceanX experience will put children in the front seat of exploration as they join a deep sea mission in search of the rare giant squid. Children will mold and craft marine creatures; learn about undersea wonders and conservation efforts; view sea creatures in their natural habitat through colorful “portholes” featuring OceanX Media content; and ultimately come face to face with the Giant Squid!

Images courtesy of Crayola.

“Creating experiences that help children bring their imagination to life, learn through creativity and build an emotional connection is in the DNA of both of our organizations,” said Victoria Lozano, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Crayola Attractions and Retail. “The OceanX collaboration will cultivate a sense of wonder for the ocean by engaging tens of thousands of children in a fun and amazing experience through the mysterious playground of the deep blue.”

“Crayola and OceanX are two organizations both dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and expanding the collective imagination. We’re so excited to partner on this project inviting young explorers across the nation to discover the uncharted and largely unexplored underwater universe,” said Mark Dalio, OceanX Founder and Creative Director.

Founded in 2018 by Ray Dalio and Mark Dalio, OceanX fosters awareness of and passion for the oceans through exploration and storytelling. The organization combines cutting-edge science, the next-gen technology of its marine research and exploration vessel — OceanXplorer — and compelling media to excite, educate and connect audiences to these vast bodies of water.

The creative collaboration tidal wave launches next month with the introduction of the Crayola Experience Home Adventure: OceanX Edition and the takeover tour debut at the Crayola Experience Orlando.

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