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Diamond Balloon combines aerial digital advertising with high impact tourism attraction

Diamond Balloon is a stationary helium filled balloon at about 300 meters height. The triangle shaped balloon will have 3 immense LED digital billboards, with a total screen area of 2700m2. With a visibility from 20 to 25 km distance, the Diamond Balloon includes a unique advertisement model. In addition to the return of investment from advertisitng, the Diamond Balloon includes a secondary revenue stream: The viewing gondola.

A 64 persons capacity comfortable platform will be hoisted via the balloon main cables to a height of 175 meters, around 30% higher than the London Eye. During the 15 minutes trip guests can walk around in the gondola and enjoy the view from its glass windows. The size of the gondola allows for special events, such as parties and/or business retreats, providing a unique hospitality possibility.

As an option the gondola can be equipped with floorless seats, rotating under the gondola. This makes the Diamond balloon not only a family attraction but also a thrill seekers adventure.

A team of engineers from KCI (the engineers of most Big Wheels around the world) and technical universities have confirmed that the idea of the Diamond balloon is technically feasible.

The combination of income from the advertisement model with the visitor attraction model makes high ROI feasible against relatively low risks. The business models of Diamond Balloon have been verified by independent parties.

Diamond Balloon already has a first location available and first investors are interested, but Diamond Balloon is also interested in new locations and additional investors.

The Diamond Balloon is an initiative of a group of Dutch entrepreneurs and supported by established companies as KCI, DSM and Technical University Delft. For more information plase call François van den Boogaard +31 628 848 766 or mail to [email protected] 

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