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New Doctor Who exhibit premieres at World Museum in 2022

National Museums Liverpool has announced that it will be hosting the world premiere of Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder at World Museum starting in May 2022.

This new exhibition will explore the science behind the global hit series Doctor Who and will give fans a chance to experience the Doctor’s adventures from a scientific perspective.

Produced by leading experiential design experts Sarner International under license from BBC Studios, this new exhibition plunges fans of all ages into a scientific universe to explore the ways in which science has played a part in the longest running science fiction show in the world, Doctor Who. The eight zones set within this educational exhibition cover a diverse selection of scientific topics while drawing in content from across the full canon of the TV show.

Through a range of hands-on immersive experiences and interactive content, visitors can journey through Cosmic Curiosities, while discovering more about the time traveling Police Box in the TARDIS Tech room, learning about the science behind time travel and whether it really is possible. Or visit the Monster Vault to get up close with some of the weird and wonderful characters that have graced our screens. The exhibition gives visitors the chance to engage with rare, behind the scenes artifacts some of which has been procured from the BBC’s own archive.

Fiona Philpott, Director of Exhibitions at National Museums Liverpool, said: “We’re thrilled to be welcoming the world premiere of Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder to World Museum. We’re so lucky to be the first museum in the world to host this must-see experience, which offers exclusive insight for Doctor Who buffs, science fiction fans and anybody else with a curious mind.”

Ed Cookson, Projects Director, Sarner International: “For almost 60 years Doctor Who has been exploring mind-bending scientific developments. The iconic characters, monsters, stories and settings of the television series provide a perfect guide through the wondrous worlds of space, time and science.”

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