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Extreme Engineering debuts two new coaster-based attractions

Extreme Engineering is debuting two new attractions – Surfin Tsunami™ and Sky Tag™.  The Surfin Tsunami™ is the world’s first stand up surfing roller coaster.  Sky Tag™ is the only fully immersive suspended laser tag coaster attraction.  This ride allows riders to use phasers, blasting targets and other ride vehicles in a themed environment. 

“I’m excited that our company has two all-new coaster options to offer in 2021.  These attractions check all the boxes for our industry moving forward in 2021.  Price, experience, capacity and family-friendly are all jam packed into these exciting rides,” states Phil Wilson, Executive Vice President with Extreme Engineering.

Sufrin Tsunami

The Surfin Tsunami™ (pictured above) is the only stand up surfboard roller coaster on the market.  This radical roller coaster experience utilizes all of the great safety and design features found in Extreme Engineering’s three-time award winning Cloud Coaster™.  Riders instantly transform into surfers, gliding on a suspended roller coaster surf board with sharp turns, sudden drops and stops.  The surfboard ride vehicle allows participants to stand up safely, easily adjusting to surfers of all ages.

“We are excited to officially announce the world’s first stand up surfboard roller coaster.  The Surfin Tsunami™ will provide one of the most thrilling and one-of-a-kind experiences in the world,” states Phil Wilson, Executive Vice President with Extreme Engineering.  The surfing roller coaster provides multiple possibilities, offering any desired length, custom theme or track layout. This suspended coaster can be designed to fit around existing structures, be designed to fit seamlessly indoors and designed to fit within existing attractions at an amusement park or resort.

Sky Tag

Sky Tag™ is an interactive laser tag ride in the dark based off the award winning Cloud Coaster’s™ platform.  The Sky Tag™ is an all-inclusive laser tag ride in the sky, specifically designed for FECs and small theme parks, providing a signature attraction at an affordable price point.  “We felt our suspended coaster would be a perfect platform for an exciting twist to laser tag.  Our design team was able to create a turnkey attraction that is modular, low-cost, interactive, high capacity and incredibly immersive.  The Sky Tag™ is perfect for FECs and small parks on a budget while it can also be scaled larger for theme parks,” states Wilson.

Extreme Engineering partnered with Creative Works and LaserBlast on this budget friendly attraction.  Sky tag™ is interactive, where guests use phasers to blast at other ride vehicles, themed structures to animated targets all from above the ground.  “We partnered with some of the best suppliers in the industry to create an all-inclusive attraction.  The side-by-side ride vehicles makes the Sky Tag™ family friendly and allows riders to battle against each other, blasting phasers at targets on the ride vehicles.  No one has this type of attraction, or experience, in a suspended coaster.  Starting at under $500K turnkey this is a fantastic solution,” says Wilson.

Options from adventure, space, ocean to even western provides a unique suspended ride experience.  The laser tag systems come with interactive targets mounted to the ride vehicles and themed structures, while interactive media-based targets are throughout the Sky Tag™ attraction.  Sky Tag™ is designed to provide high capacity, up to 240 riders per hour, with the modular designed track.  FEC’s and parks can operate a Sky Tag™ in as small as a 40 foot x 40 foot space (1600 square feet) area with ceilings as low as 16 feet high.

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