Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Falcon’s Creative Group develops master plan for Qiddiya’s major water theme park

Saudi Arabia will soon become home to the country’s first and the region’s largest water theme park that is currently under development at Qiddiya — the future Capital of Entertainment, Sports and Culture — situated on the outskirts of Saudi capital, Riyadh. Falcon’s Creative Group, a sector of Falcon’s Beyond, revealed it developed the park’s master plan, in conjunction with Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) — the entity driving the development of Qiddiya.

With multiple themed and immersive water attractions, many of which desire to surpass past benchmarks, Falcon’s master plan for the project desires to alter the vision for future water theme parks. The year-round park will span across more than 252,000 square meters (2.7 million square feet) and feature 22 rides and attractions, including nine that will be world firsts. It will also offer a unique mix of dry and wet rides as well as competition-level facilities for water sports enthusiasts — including surfing and white-water rafting experiences — as well as 17 food & beverage and retail outlets.

Visitors will experience nine designed zones — the Entry Gate, Camel Rock, Dub Grotto, Wave Wadi, the Den, Viper Canyon, Arabian Peak, the Herding Grounds, and Surf Lagoon — inspired by the native animals that inhabit the area around Qiddiya. The experience of each ride will reflect the attributes of the creature for which each is named. For example, based on the aggressive snake, Viper Canyon will feature some of the most thrilling rides, while Dub Grotto, branded for the curious, playful dub lizard, will be home to an energetic water playground for children.

“Qiddiya Water Theme Park will be unlike any other existing water park, with environments that take guests to amazing locations and an atmosphere that enables them to truly escape,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, CEO of Falcon’s Beyond. “We are honored to bring not only deep development experience, including past projects in Dubai, but also industry-leading technology prowess to create an entertainment experience that is truly game-changing. This is also an exciting and unique opportunity for us to participate in the ongoing transformation in Saudi Arabia and to set a new benchmark in water theme parks and family entertainment for others to follow.”

Falcon’s has master planned the park in compliance with QIC’s sustainability practices, including technology that interconnects the structure of certain rides, enabling the transfer of water from one body to another, prioritizing recycling over waste. Other integrated technologies will reduce water pressure for select rides, reducing the amount of water used significantly. Additional elements of the park will be built to use 75% less water compared to other water park rides, where even rainwater will be captured, treated and reused.

“By delivering an entirely new type of immersive entertainment experience, the Qiddiya Water Park will change the way we think about water parks,” said Scott Demerau, Executive Chairman of Falcon’s Beyond. “Moreover, we believe our sustainability approach to its development will set a new standard for future parks, benefitting the world around us.”

QIC recently awarded a $750 million construction contract to ALEC Saudi Arabia Engineering & Contracting and El Seif Engineering Contracting (in a joint venture between the two companies) to build the Qiddiya Water Theme Park.

Qiddiya’s offering will be based on five cornerstones: Parks & Attractions, Sports & Wellness, Arts & Culture, Motion & Mobility and Nature & Environment, along with a variety of real estate options and community services. The Water Theme Park will be one of the key attractions of the Parks & Attractions cornerstone.

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