Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Fantawild Holiday Hotel opens, adding to the Xiamen resort

On June30th, Xiamen Fantawild Holiday Hotel held their grand opening. Representatives from Fantawild Holdings Inc. and other invited guests attended the colorful ceremony.

The new hotel is located on the eastern coast Xiamen, China adjacent to three of the Fantawild theme parks. The hotel adopts a modern Chinese architectural style with some traditional touches and boasts 365 themed guest rooms, each with a balcony providing seaside views.

Poolside – photo courtesy of Fantawild

The hotel was designed with the concepts of “nature, environmental conservation, health and happiness”, said the Fantawild representatives at the opening event. The venue is intended to shine a bright light on the hotel industry in Xiamen with diversified experiences, high-end facilities, and elevated services. The hotel adds to the portfolio of Fanawild in the area. Formerly, it comprised of three theme parks:Oriental Heritage, Fantawild Dreamland, and a water park. With the opening of the hotel, the resort will provide visitors with a rounded vacation experience.

Photo courtesy of Fantawild

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