Friday, September 22, 2023

Great Wolf Entertainment’s animated feature gets release window

Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.’s newly launched entertainment umbrella, Great Wolf Entertainment, completed an extensive transformation of its beloved woodland characters and is preparing to bring them to life in multiple new and exciting ways. The newly updated characters will welcome a new generation of fans as part of a robust content strategy, starting with Great Wolf’s first-ever animated project, an animated feature called “The Great Wolf Pack” which is due out Summer of 2022. In addition to the “The Great Wolf Pack,” Great Wolf Entertainment is working on a variety of other vehicles for the characters including additional animated content, books, in-resort entertainment and more.

The “Great Wolf Pack” will transport the Great Wolf cast of characters and viewing audience on an adventure as they explore new worlds and encounter exotic creatures. While heroic, personality traits and flaws within the pack leads to storytelling that is relatable, authentic and highly entertaining.

“Our resorts provide families with joy-filled imaginative adventures, and we hope our newly designed characters and the stories they bring to life will transport families on similar imaginative adventures, with content that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere,” said Brooke Patterson, Senior Vice President, Brand Experiences. “We felt it was time to give these beloved characters a new look and update their personalities to help them better connect with today’s family. We’re excited and cannot wait for families to better know our pack through the upcoming animated feature, ‘The Great Wolf Pack,’ as well as a number of other projects.”

Image courtesy of Great Wolf Entertainment and Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.

“The Great Wolf Pack” follows the famed five woodland animals — Wiley Wolf, Violet Wolf, Oliver Raccoon, Sammy Squirrel and Brinley Bear — who were chosen by the Great Wolf Spirit to form and become the Great Wolf Pack. Using the power of a fantastical geyser, the Pack are magically transported to whimsical worlds where various challenges and dilemmas await that can only be solved with collaboration and the power of the Pack. By joining together in friendship and combining their unique talents and flaws, they stand ready to face any challenges that come their way.

Chris Bailey (“Garfield: The Movie,” “Alvin and the Chimpmunks,” “Kim Possible”), will direct “The Great Wolf Pack,” leading an award-winning team of artists from L.A.-based animation studio Six Point Harness, which produced animation for the Oscar-winning animated short film “Hair Love” and HBO Max’s all-animated special “Tig Notaro: Drawn.”

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