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HOLOGATE announces 1200 square meter HOLOGATE WORLD immersive entertainment facility in Fürth, Germany

HOLOGATE, a global market leader in immersive location-based entertainment, reveals the latest evolution of its business, breaking ground on the first of its kind, state-of-the-art, 1,200+ m² immersive entertainment facility, HOLOGATE WORLD.

Opening in September of 2021, HOLOGATE WORLD will be the largest “Extended-Reality” entertainment space in Germany.  In addition to a bar, lounge with food service, and indoor and outdoor gathering areas, HOLOGATE WORLD will feature the latest of HOLOGATE’s world-renowned virtual reality systems, extended reality escape rooms, and a competitive esports arena, in addition to several proprietary entertainment experiences that will be making their world premieres at the opening.

“We are very excited to be partnering with P&P Group on this game-changing project. With the introduction and inclusion of fresh, never-before-seen, immersive entertainment options, alongside our iconic ARENA and BLITZ systems, and all within a large, socially-focused, fun-for-everyone space, HOLOGATE WORLD presents the next level of immersive location-based entertainment for HOLOGATE and the industry as a whole,” reflects Leif Petersen, HOLOGATE CEO and Founder.

The HOLOGATE WORLD flagship location will be housed at the completely new and modernized 18,000 m² FLAIR urban marketplace in Fürth, Germany.  This entertainment anchor to the vibrant lifestyle destination in the heart of the city also serves as a blueprint for further franchise locations looking for a modern entertainment facility to get people off their couches and back into their retail and hospitality locations.

“Our goal with FLAIR is to create a dynamic social experience and to generate maximum attendance through the numerous offers. In addition to an excellent mix of tenants and innovative gastronomy concepts, we were looking for the ultimate entertainment highlight for this vibrant lifestyle location in the heart of the city. With HOLOGATE WORLD, we have found it and can thus offer a new, incomparable attraction that is globally one of a kind,” states Michael Peter, P&P Group CEO and Owner.

With the debut of HOLOGATE WORLD, as well as the premiere of multiple state-of-the-art social-multiplayer entertainment additions at this flagship location, HOLOGATE continues to move the needle for next-gen and magical, industry-defining experiences.

HOLOGATE WORLD, is built around HOLOGATE’s industry adopted Hygiene and Safety Standards and offers a facility that caters to small groups for social safe fun with friends and family.

HOLOGATE WORLD is slated to open its doors in September 2021.

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