Thursday, September 28, 2023

Hybrid coaster Wildcat’s Revenge opens at Hersheypark

In a highly anticipated debut that came 100 years after the original Wild Cat coaster opened at the park in 1923, Wildcat’s Revenge, the first-ever hybrid coaster at Hersheypark opened to the public on June 2.

The new hybrid is the 15th coaster at Pennsylvania’s largest amusement park, which is now home to the most coasters in the Northeast.

The first hybrid coaster manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) in Pennsylvania Wildcat’s Revenge combines the best of wood and steel by adding a new steel track with unique elements to the wooden framework for what the park says is “a one-of-a-kind thrilling ride experience found only at Hersheypark”. 

The two minute and 36-second experience begins as riders climb a 140-foot hill, plunge into an 82-degree drop and hit a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour along 3,510 feet of red track on a black steel and wood structure.

The pursuit continues as riders stalk their prey through four inversions, including the World’s Largest Underflip, an inversion that begins with an upward climb, followed by a counterclockwise 270° roll and a dive down towards the side.

Wildcat’s Revenge features a fully renovated coaster station with a design that harkens back to the iconic 1923 Wild Cat station, with low-pitched gables around the roof’s perimeter.

Guests of Hershey’s height requirement and taller (48 inches and above) will sit in one of three custom trains, showcasing fully dimensional black, charcoal and silver wild cats exacting revenge on their wooden predecessor.

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