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IAAPA Expo 2021 Preview: What to Expect on the Show Floor (Part 1)

With IAAPA Expo 2021 around the corner, there’s a lot to look forward to seeing on the Trade Show Floor. For the first Show Floor Preview, Triotech, Extreme Engineering and Betson Enterprises take center stage. IAAPA Expo 2021 will take place in Orlando, Florida, from November 15-19. InPark Magazine will be covering news, interviews and press conferences during the week.

Image courtesy of Triotech.
Triotech – Booth #1069

Triotech will be launching its brand-new product during its press conference to announce a major project on November 17 at 1:40 p.m. Furthermore, visitors will be able to see and try this innovative ride directly in Triotech’s booth.

“Even knowing there are challenges for travelers, we decided to increase our presence and have the largest booth at the Expo to showcase a wide range of attractions directly on the floor,” stated Ernest Yale, President and CEO of Triotech.

Triotech will be showcasing “Sugary Slope” its latest interactive movie for the STORM simulator. This third film strengthens the existing movie catalog that already offers a variety of thrilling adventures and is available free of charge for all existing and future units.

Finally, visitors will also be available to try Triotech’s top earners for Family Entertainment Centers: the quintessential coin-op simulator, Typhoon, as well as the iconic interactive theater XD Dark Ride.

Illustration of Sky Tag, a fully interactive coaster for FECs and small parks. Image courtesy of Extreme Engineering.
Extreme Engineering – Booth #4800

Extreme Engineering will debut four new attractions at this year’s IAAPA Expo trade show in Orlando, Florida, during November 16 through the 19: three new suspended family coasters and a new adventure parkour ride.

Surfing Tsunami rendering with stand up surf ride vehicle. Image courtesy of Extreme Engineering.

“We have the world’s first surfboard suspended roller coaster called Surfin Tsunami, a brand new side by side coaster at faster speeds called Cloud Coaster Storm, an interactive coaster called Sky Tag and our latest adventure ride called Parkour Around, where people literally experience what is like to be Super Mario Brothers,” states Phil Wilson, Executive Vice President with Extreme Engineering.

The Surfin Tsunami, Sky Tag and Cloud Coaster Storm will be showcased at Extreme Engineering’s booth with interactive models, rendered video layouts to updated features reveled for the very first time on the show floor.

The Parkour Around attraction. Image courtesy of Extreme Engineering.

The Parkour Around will allow participants of all ages, and any ability, to experience running through exciting elements all while being attached to a patent pending assist device designed by Extreme Engineering. The assist device will allow participants to jump at great lengths, tall heights, and run at fast speeds. “This device transforms riders into a video game action hero. It is like being a real Assassins Creed, Pitfall or Super Mario Brothers character. The possibilities with theming, IP and experience are endless,” states Wilson.

Image courtesy of Betson Enterprises.
Betson Enterprises – Booth #615

Betson Enterprises returns to IAAPA with a slate of Raw Thrills games, including popular new titles such as the epic, action-packed card-collecting game Minecraft Dungeons Arcade the cinematic VR adventure King Kong of Skull Island VR.

As the exclusive worldwide master distributor of Goldfinger Monitors, there will be a line of products on display at the event. Goldfinger offers customizable non-touch and touch screen monitors with touch screen capable on-screen menus. The monitors come in various sizes suitable for amusement, gaming, kiosk, vending, digital signage and retail/hospitality industries.

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