Thursday, June 30, 2022

Illuminarium Las Vegas opens new SPACE experience Memorial Day Weekend

Illuminarium Las Vegas at AREA15 launches their highly-anticipated experience SPACE: A Journey to the Moon & Beyond Memorial Day weekend. SPACE will take guests on an expedition across the universe, where they can discover and explore the galaxy.

Guests will have the opportunity to take a giant leap into the unknown as they tour throughout the solar system, including a technicolor flight through the nebula, seeing planets and constellations at an extraordinary scale and weaving through an asteroid belt close to Saturn’s rings. Guests will travel through time with a history of the journey to space, then observe a futuristic space colony, and listen as astronauts prepare for blast-off. Guests who are 21 and over can also enjoy cocktails on the moon during SPACE: After Dark Sunday through Thursday starting at 8 p.m.

Photos courtesy of Illuminarium Experiences.

To further enhance the experience, Illuminarium will showcase a 22-foot-tall replica of the iconic NASA/Grumman Apollo Lunar Module that was flown between lunar orbit and the Moon’s surface during the United States Apollo Program. Guests will be able to see the module replica first-hand. 

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