Friday, March 1, 2024

Innovative FOTO’s PBS Photo Kiosk System on display at DNP booth during IAAPA Expo

Whether inside a lobby, near a gift shop or en route to a popular attraction, the open real estate at an amusement park or attraction venue is an opportunity for revenue. With Innovative FOTO’s PBS Photo Kiosk System, venue owners and managers can maximize existing space while garnering new revenue through interactive, virtual background photo experiences. See the PBS Photo Kiosk System with DNP’s award-winning dye-sublimation printing technology at IAAPA 2021 booth #4458.

The kiosk features cutting-edge background segmentation technology to create a more interactive guest experience. Innovative FOTO’s PBS Kiosk System is an ideal solution for amusement parks and attraction venues as the kiosk can operate in high-traffic areas while providing guests with their dream photo background. After the kiosk captures the photos, guests receive high quality prints on stunning media from DNP and also have an option to digitally download the photos to their phones for social media sharing and more.

“The background segmentation technology in the PBS Photo Kiosk System makes it easy for amusement parks and attraction venues to create photo experiences even when the ideal photo background doesn’t exist in real life,” says Steve White, Vice President of Sales and Operations, Innovative FOTO. “It gives the guests the control to pose and place themselves back at their favorite rides, attraction or experience without having to take up valuable space in each of those spots.”

Photo booths and printed photo services are an excellent way to provide guests a unique experience and celebratory photo souvenir. Each printed photo memory will serve as a constant reminder of their unique, long-awaited experience at the venue with friends or loved ones.

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