Thursday, April 18, 2024

Connect&GO partnership brings mobile ordering to events and parks

Connect&GO and UEAT are joining forces to provide a new contactless self-ordering online solution for restaurants. This will be available in stadiums, resorts, amusement parks, sporting events and festivals. This partnership brings together two growing Canadian technology companies: UEAT, renowned for its artificial intelligence- powered systems designed for restaurants — independent and chains– along with ghost kitchens and hotels; and Connect&GO. Connect&GO is known for its smart wristbands used in major events, such as the Olympic Games, the Super Bowl, as well as FEQ (Festival d’été de Québec) and Osheaga.

Over the next few months, Connect&GO will implement UEAT’s solution in a major water park and dozens of amusement parks across Canada and the United States.

No more line-ups with online ordering

This new fully integrated Konnect virtual wallet platform by Connect&GO allows events and venues to offer visitors to order food from their cell phone, either through the app or on the web, from on-site concessions. “When over 10,000 visitors get hungry at the same time, you must be highly efficient regarding logistics. With Konnect Mobile Ordering, our clients benefit from the most advanced technology to avoid logistical issues and improve their guests’ experience,” said Marc-André Dubé, Technical Director, Product Management at Connect&GO.

This partnership allows guests to:

  • Have a wide variety of meal choices, right at their fingertips
  • Group multiple food and beverage selections from different F&B businesses into one order
  • Pre-order meals and drinks to skip the line during intermission or peak periods
  • Have orders delivered by runners to cabanas, seats, tables, or other pre-determined locations
  • Pre-pay using UEAT’s online ordering platform
Helping the restaurant and hospitality sectors, a shared vision

“We are thrilled to be working with Connect&GO as their team shares the same vision as we do: to incorporate the power of the latest technology to companies in the restaurant, hospitality, sports and entertainment sectors,” explained Alexandre Martin, UEAT’s CEO. “By combining our artificial intelligence capabilities and online ordering platform with Connect&GO’s smart wristband and operations software, we are delivering a new generation of experiences for venues around the world.”

Dominic Gagnon, Connect&GO’s CEO added, “Our partnership with UEAT allows us to offer events and venues the most advanced and efficient technology on the market. Our industry bore the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic but, with it, new needs and trends have emerged, including online ordering and virtual queue management. With Konnect Mobile Ordering, our clients will be at the forefront of these new trends and will rapidly increase their revenues.”

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