Sunday, April 14, 2024

LA ProPoint offers custom seat dividers for theaters

LA ProPoint is now designing and building custom seat dividers for theaters and auditoriums.

The unique installations will help performance spaces welcome back audience members after a year of the pandemic. The seat dividers are height-adjustable with steel or aluminum frames, a solid steel base and are designed to fit under the center of the seat. They are easy to install, adjust, and relocate, and their plexiglass guards can be custom fabricated in multiple sizes and shapes. All dividers are made-to-order to fit a theater’s specific needs.

“Theaters have been decimated by the pandemic, and now we are honored and thrilled to help them get back into the economy,” said Jim Hartman, Vice President of LA ProPoint. “Our unique seat dividers feature subtle design aesthetics while providing an additional barrier to help audience members feel safe and confident as they return to the theater.”

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