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Tivoli plans for a foodie Summerfest, opening gates on March 27

Denmark’s famous amusement park, Tivoli in Copenhagen, had a challenging 2020. With Covid-19 causing two nationwide lockdowns and a minimum of tourists visiting the park, Tivoli has had to rethink how best to run one of Denmark’s most significant attractions in the wake of the pandemic. Now the country is slowly reopening, and Tivoli is ready to do the same. On March 27, the park opens its doors for the summer season, a season that will focus on turning Tivoli into a true foodie-destination while simultaneously scaring the pants off its guests

Very few can say that they don’t long for everything to return to normal, and with the slow reopening of Denmark, normal isn’t too far away. At least not if you stop by Denmark’s famous amusement park that opens its doors for its summer season on March 27, right in time for a grand Easter celebration. Thousands of daffodils, decorated eggs, and cute lambs will meet the guests when they enter Tivoli’s gates – a poignant symbol of not only spring but an actual new beginning since Tivoli is opening just as the rest of the country is starting to as well.

Tivoli’s director, Susanne Mørch Koch, experiencing her very first summer season as Tivoli’s CEO, says: “Throughout Covid-19, Tivoli’s goal has been to make the safety of guests and employees our priority while keeping the magic of Tivoli intact. That means that we follow the Covid-19 development day by day and are ready to adapt to any changes regarding Covid-19 while simultaneously giving the guests the good experiences they associate with Tivoli.  At the same time, we are prepared to open more as soon as the government says we can. We have a summer season planned that is guaranteed to make those who have missed going to concerts, dining out, or going to the theatre very excited. There is a very full program for the entire season, and that combined with the general reopening of Denmark gives cause for optimism, even though Covid-19 still plays a role.”

Mikkel Aarø-Hansen, CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen, is also very optimistic about the opening of Tivoli and what it means for Denmark: “It not really spring in Copenhagen until Tivoli opens its doors for its summer season. Tivoli always opens with brand new initiatives, and this year there’s also a strong focus on the safety of guests and staff, of course. With its location in the heart of Copenhagen, Tivoli is within walking or cycling distance to many of the other great and well-known experiences in Copenhagen, whether you are into gastronomy, art, architecture, or shopping. And of course, if you want to walk around the city and get a sense of the people of Copenhagen’s world-famous quality of life.”

H.C. Andersen’s The Tinder Box returns to The Pantomime Theater

The Pantomime Theater is Tivoli’s oldest building from 1874. Here it will be possible to experience live pantomime plays, classical ballets, modern dance performances, and best of all, the reenactment of H.C Andersen’s famous fairytale The Tinder Box with non-other than Queen Margrethe of Denmark herself as the cinematographer and costumier.

Seafood, quality burgers, and popup Michelin-starred restaurants

You can always find something good to eat in Tivoli, and in 2021, it will get even easier with Tivoli’s new cuisine strategy. The ambition is that an excellent meal in Tivoli should be just as good of a reason to visit the park as a ride on the roller coaster and that Tivoli will be a place where guests can enjoy spectacular meals and be introduced to new food trends. The new strategy falls nicely in line with the two popup

Michelin restaurants that will move into Tivoli in July and August. First, Tivoli will welcome Restaurant AOC from Copenhagen and later KOKS from the Faroe Islands. Both restaurants have two stars in the Michelin guide. The menus are not identical to those from the restaurants but provide an insight into the two kitchens’ philosophies, style, and approach to ingredients.  In addition, a new seafood restaurant will move into Tivoli in May by the name of Figaro – Fish & Seafood Bistro. Around the same time, the famous Gasoline Grill, whose burgers are on Bloomberg’s list of The Best Burgers in The World, moves in right next to Figaro.

Astralis becomes a part of Tivoli

Denmark’s biggest e-sports success and the world’s largest Counter-Strike team Astralis have entered into a strategic partnership with Tivoli, thereby adding yet another chapter to Tivoli’s entrepreneurial success. Astralis Group opens their first physical Flagship Store in the Tivoli Corner on June 1, where players and fans will get to play Counterstrike, Legends, and FIFA. The goal is to create a physical place where participants across age and gender can come together to play and meet their role models. Also, there are plans to do more bigger events, where several thousand Astralis fans can meet in Tivoli and follow major matches live on the big screen.

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