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Le PAL theme park selects BoldMove Nation and Triotech Smash & Reload attraction

BoldMove Nation and Triotech announce that French theme park Le PAL has selected Smash & Reload as their first interactive media-based dark ride.

With more than 1,000 animals and 31 attractions, Le PAL combines a theme park with a zoo. With the installation of Triotech and BoldMove’s media-based dark ride, the park is extending and diversifying its offering with a weather-proof indoor attraction for all ages.

Arnaud Bennet, President of Le PAL, explains their choice: “It was time to replace our aging 4D-cinema with an attraction to position us for the future and offer something totally different to our guests. We started scouting the market and it became rapidly clear that the solution offered by BoldMove and Triotech is the most suitable for an all­ family immersive experience. It blends advanced technologies and a gameplay into an enjoyable attraction for young and old, making it very inclusive. The story is built around fun mushrooms and mixes a lot of humour and a subtle sustainability message that perfectly adheres to our vision. Our relationship with the teams behind Smash & Reload is solid so we are very confident we will create an amazing attraction together!”

Images courtesy of BoldMove Nation.

Smash & Reload is based on a dynamic global industry cooperation, bringing a strong industry expertise together in a unique media-based attraction. The concept design by BoldMove CEO Benoit Cornet is a synthesis of 20 years dark ride development and visitor experience analysis. It brings the dark ride to its very essence with a strong focus on family fun through a well-balanced mix of interactivity, storytelling and IP use. The IP license “TooMush”, produced by the French graphic studio Polymorph will be declined and adapted to the concept of Smash and Reload. It is a co- development between BoldMove and Polymorph. The ride system and interactivity are produced by Triotech, market leader in interactive attractions.

Ernest Yale, Triotech CEO and Founder stated: “We have been leaders in interactive attractions for over two decades and this collaboration with BoldMove brings the strength of both organizations together for the benefit of our clients, and ultimately for the park guests. This is the important point, visitors that smile because they were wooed by an amazing interactive and immersive experience.”

Bruno Cambon, Le PAL’s Operations Director, explains how the ride will fit into the park: “A deciding factor for our choice was the very high throughput of over 400 persons per hour across five vehicles, which allows us to spread visitors and reduce waiting times during busy days. Many visitors will be encouraged to return and improve their game so they can move up their position in the high score ranking. Another key element for us was that the ride has been designed to fit the space we have available in the building, which means no major construction work. The entire attraction is a turnkey project that will be delivered by the BoldMove and Triotech teams. BoldMove will also take care of the creative and experience design so the queue line and building facade will gear up visitors towards the actual experience. We are very charmed by the universal and nice IP as well as the intuitive interactive system: simply push the button to ‘reload’ and pull the trigger to ‘smash’ the mushrooms.”

Thanks to an impressive sound system and interactive technology, players will enjoy a thrilling experience from start to end. From their rotatable vehicle they hit a button on one side to load the pointing device and then turn to play the game, an action repeated across five scenes during four minute ride. Guests accomplish the noble mission of saving the village from an attack of crazy mushrooms that were transformed by industrial pollution. Aim and smash them back into their original cute format so they can return to their peaceful and wonderful forest!

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