Thursday, May 23, 2024

Linket receives US patent on esports in a theme park

Linket Corp has received a US theme park patent –  “Linket, esports and a theme park”. #10,857,456. 

According to company founder Dr. Wes Boudville, “A park can increase revenue by adding a remote audience (esports). Similar to how sports stadiums derive much of their revenue from TV audiences. The park lets the remote audience interact with gamers  playing an Augmented Reality game (like Pokemon Go) in the park.  The audience controls animatronics in the park, to aid or hinder gamers. The plot complication. Think reality TV + Hunger Games. Part of the revenue gain is by the park letting gamers use it when it is closed to the public. (Plus also when it is open.)”

Click here for a summary of the patent.

For more information, contact Dr Wes Boudville, [email protected].

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