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London Resort reveals first details of “Base Camp” dinosaur themed land

April 20, 2021 — Today, London Resort unveiled the first details and concept art for its Base Camp themed land – billed as “the world’s first prehistoric nature reserve.”

Set in the northwest corner of the Resort, plans for Base Camp include two roller coasters, a large multi-media live stage show experience, an advanced simulator attraction, immersive fine dining and an “active dig site” where younger paleontologists can discover dinosaurs as they climb, dig and tunnel their way across the excavation site.

The first of two rollercoasters planned for the land will celebrate the reign of Quetzalcoatlus, one of the largest known, winged reptiles of all time. Set over 1km of track, it aims to be one of the fastest coasters in Europe. It will also go against the trend of building coasters with towering heights and big drops. Recreating what scientists believe was a typical flight path of the flying dinosaur, this coaster will stay low to the ground, zipping across treetops, skimming water and bursting through rocky canyons. A multi-launch coaster reaching speeds in excess of 70mph, the ride will replicate the hunting speed of Quetzalcoatlus, which would swoop low and fast to snare prey in its long, tweezer like beak.

The second coaster inside Base Camp will offer a family orientated experience. Weaving beneath the flight path of Quetzalcoatlus, through the landscape, this ride will allow for adventurers of all ages and sizes to experience a rollercoaster with just the right level of ‘thrill’.

Situated at the edge of an underwater cliff, a luxury dining venue will combine first-rate cuisine and fine wines with a view to die for.

Floor-to-ceiling “windows” will wrap the dining room, offering guests a front-row seat to the flora and fauna of the prehistoric oceans just beyond the glass. Throughout the meal, schools of ancient fish may swim past the windows, darting from predators as they emerge from the inky blackness beyond.

At regular intervals, something with a bit more bite may come into view. Ichthyosaurs love to feed at this depth, and diners will have an unobstructed view as fish, otherwise assumed to be the hunters, become the hunted beneath the ocean’s surface.

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