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Marissa Blake, contributing writer

With a passion for storytelling, Marissa has been weaving tales since the beginning. She co-wrote her first play at the age of nine about hamsters from New Hampshire, mice from Peoria, and cats from Texas. After spending her first two years in Architecture and Business at Tulane University, Marissa gave into her true passion: art. Majoring in English: Creative Writing and minoring in Art, Marissa took several screenwriting and creative writing classes where she learned the power of short yet elaborate sentence.

Knowing one’s education is never over, Marissa began classes at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), pursing a career in Interior Design. Despite numerous speculations that she would never get into the program due to a lack of experience, Marissa thrived on the challenge and was accepted into the MFA program. Specializing in the act of storytelling via the interior environment, Marissa took several classes in Themed Entertainment while at SCAD. Marissa now works for VOA Associates in Orlando, FL as an Intern Interior Designer. She remains active in the TEA NextGen, and continues to tell stories both through the written word and the physical space.

Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki owns and publishes InPark Magazine. Started in 2004, InPark Magazine provides owners and operators the perspective from "in"side the "park." Martin has also written for publications like Sound & Communications, Lighting & Sound America, Attractions Management and others. Martin has been featured in Time Magazine, and Folio. Martin lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

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