Friday, December 2, 2022

Medici XD to establish office in Montreal, marking its first international location

Medici XD announced their first international office location in Montreal, Canada. Medici XD expects this endeavor to bring together industry-leading talent from Medici XD with Montreal’s vibrant community of international artists and designers.

The additional expertise and support offered by the new Canadian location will enrich Medici XD’s media and interactive service lines while also contributing to research and development. The Montreal team will provide the ability to scale resources to meet the demands of a growing international portfolio, as well as bring a fresh and diverse perspective to Medici XD’s global clientele.

Medici XD launched at IAAPA 2021 as a partnership between two themed entertainment entrepreneurs Chuck Fawcett (founder of Animax and current TEA President) and Daren Ulmer (founder of Mousetrappe). Since then, CEO Nathan Jones has been building the company infrastructure, most recently announcing the purpose-built 10,000-square-foot corporate headquarters facility in Nashville.

“As leaders in the attractions industry, we know our past success has been as a direct result of the teams we’ve been able to assemble,” said Ulmer. “Being able to leverage the talents of multidisciplinary teams across three offices — Nashville, Los Angeles and now Montréal — we can be flexible to attract the type of fresh thinkers we need to enable the disruptive collaboration that is part of our DNA.”

“The world has become more networked and connected than ever before. By spreading our offices across North American time zones, our project teams and ability to deliver on time and budget just gets that much better!” said Eric Hungerford, President of Medici Media.

After a thorough search for a Canadian location, Medici XD’s leadership recognized Montreal as the clear choice for this expansion. “I’m obviously proud to have Medici XD establish roots in my home country of Canada,” said Jones. “However the choice was not driven by patriotism but by the economic and talent-based advantages that we can pass along to our clients.”

“The pro-business climate and government tax incentives in Quebec make this a smart decision,” Fawcett said. “I can’t think of a better or more strategically perfect location for Medici XD to open our first international location.”

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