Sunday, July 21, 2024 combines digital interactivity with miniature golf is looking to change how people play mini-golf. Players select a course and watch as hundreds of floor-tiles dynamically move to form the course. Through augmented reality, color can be applied to courses and obstacles creating an eye-catching way to visually “theme” each course.

Those familiar with playing classic mini-golf can experience the same nostalgic play with a putter and ball. Modern twists allow for added fun. Players can use their phones to interact with the game-play. From their phone, they can choose their next course or sabotage a player by selecting a phone-controlled obstacle.

It doesn’t stop with mini-golf. On the same game-board, families can enjoy playing other mini-games with RC cars or an app-controlled ball which rolls while being controlled via a phone — no putter needed.’s game-board brings interactive family fun back in a relatively small size. The 63 square foot space requirement appeals to the industry as it fits into any arcade space or designated area. This indoor setup allows for a year-round, day-or-night activity where players can also enjoy their favorite amusement snacks and drinks.

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