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Movie Park Germany’s 25th anniversary launches with new coaster

On June 23, Movie Park Germany lifted the curtain for its new Hollywood coaster “Movie Park Studio Tour!” allowing guests to ride the new family attraction for the first time. With this new “Multi-Dimension Coaster,” Movie Park Germany rung in the 25th anniversary of the park with the opening of the new attraction.

“It all started in 1996 with the slogan ‘Hollywood in Germany’ — now the world of movies is even closer than before! We are thrilled to present our new attraction blockbuster to our visitors,” said General Manager Thorsten Backhaus. “We cannot wait to take parents and kids even deeper into the world of movies with the ‘Movie Park Studio Tour’ and are looking forward to our guests’ feedback.”

Images courtesy of Movie Park Germany.

“Movie Park Studio Tour” kicked off its soft opening for park visitors on June 23. The family coaster is then opened regular operation at the start of the NRW summer vacations on July 5.

With the new “Multi-Dimension Coaster” from Intamin Amusement Rides, Germany’s family park strengthens its range of attractions with a new unique attraction. In a total of 12 different scenes, visitors experience various movie scenes and sets and take a look beyond the production processes of a Hollywood movie. Two launch elements — forwards and backwards — as well as a 360-degree turntable provide an immersive experience with multimedia elements. Numerous media content and sound have been incorporated into the new attraction, as well as wind, smell, animations and physical effects, which all together create a mixture of family coaster and dark ride.

A year and a half of conception and a little more than half a year of construction are behind the dedicated team.

“The world of Hollywood is incredibly diverse and appeals to a wide audience. That is why we have integrated different film genres and topics into the ride. From action flicks to disaster films to entertaining behind-the-scenes looks at a movie production, everything is included. At the same time, family-friendly characters accompany visitors through the individual scenes and contribute to the storyline,” said Manuel Prossotowicz, Creative Project Manager and Director Brand Development. “With the 25th Movie Park anniversary, we are reaching a significant milestone in our park history. Hence, it is even more important for us to create an immersive overall experience for all generations with the new attraction and to strengthen our identity as a movie park. In the future, the world of Hollywood and movies will continue to be the central theme of our park.”

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