Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Noah’s Ark Waterpark to update its Flying Gecko raft ride

Noah’s Ark Waterpark will add an all-new ride experience in 2023 combining next-gen technology with waterpark thrills.

The Wisconsin Dells waterpark will supercharge Flying Gecko with next-generation slide technology. The raft ride will transform into a full-sensory experience with the installation of new light and sound systems that will awaken riders’ senses. Riders will fly through an electric journey down and around the 520-foot-long slide to the pulse of vivid light and dynamic sound. The ride’s rebirth will include a new name and new theme to match the new thrills.

“We’re bringing the next evolution in excitement to Noah’s Ark with this extensive upgrade to Flying Gecko,” said General Manager Chris Mortensen. “Thanks to this advanced technology, our guests can dive into fun in a whole new light this season.”

More details will be released on the supercharged slide in the coming months. Noah’s Ark 2023 season will begin Saturday, May 27, Memorial Day weekend, with more fun and extra special events planned.

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