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Frontgrid’s ParadropVR to make U.S. debut at Sprockets Fun Foundry

ParadropVR, the operatorless, multiplayer virtual reality flying experience, has announced it will open in Sprockets Fun Foundry, near Mount Rushmore, in South Dakota in the Spring of 2022, marking its first location in the United States.

Matt Wells, CEO of Frontgrid, the creators of ParadropVR said: “It’s a particularly exciting installation for us as it represents our first location in the USA. We think the product is very suited to the U.S. market, as it leads the way in terms of competitive socializing. In America the entertainment industry is particularly strong, so consumers are really savvy and are looking for the next best thing to impress them.  ParadropVR Pod really is an exhilarating experience which offers the cutting edge in terms of virtual reality and esports experiences”.

Danny Pritchard, Attractions Manager at Sprockets Fun Foundry said: “We chose ParadropVR Pod as a stand-out VR product which we think our customers are going to be excited by and come back again and again to fly. There literally is nothing else like it in the USA at the moment. So, we are particularly excited to have it at Sprockets Fun Foundry.  It’s been really positive of late to see recovery post-COVID in the USA, regarding footfall coming back to attractions. We expect Sprockets Fun Foundry and ParadropVR to both have a very welcomed reception from families looking to get out of the house and try something new.”

Image courtesy of Frontgrid.

ParadropVR Pod, the new innovation hardware launched by Frontgrid last year, allows riders to explore their environment while flying under a canopy.  It is multiplayer, meaning that they can fly with their friends and see them in the game environment. Flyers can choose their own character, collect points and collectibles along the way, and can set up a profile online to take part in an exciting global esports league called the Parasphere.

The two units being installed at Sprockets Fun Foundry will feature ParadropVR’s Discover Series of game content.  This is a series of three games set in a mountainous environment, so within the context of the locality of Mount Rushmore is a particularly nice fit.  

Matt Wells said: “Flyers are invited to discover their environment, by following paths marked out by rings in the sky and the natural lay of the landscape. They explore the snowy heights of the mountain tops, a secret cave system, and follow a river through the more-lush lowlands.”

Opening in 2022, Sprockets Fun Foundry is an all-new family entertainment center, which will feature fully-immersive virtual reality attractions, a modern arcade, a taproom pouring regional brews and a restaurant with local flair. Renovations are taking place now at the former Holy Terror Building at in Keystone, South Dakota near Mount Rushmore.

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