Tuesday, July 23, 2024

AdventureLAB founder Klaus Sommer Paulsen releases free chapters from book

Readers can now download two chapters from the book Integrated Storytelling by Design where the author Klaus Sommer Paulsen addresses the dark side of storytelling as audiences encounter manipulation and hidden agendas within stories.

As a distinctive part of the book, the chapter “Acknowledging the dark side of storytelling” addresses essential subjects and raises questions that help navigate through the amalgam of information that audiences encounter daily. In the context of current global events, the Paulsen saw it important to openly share this part of the book with readers worldwide.

Integrated Storytelling by Design, a book exploring the intricacies of storytelling by AdventureLAB founder and CEO Klaus Sommer Paulsen. Image courtesy of AdventureLAB.

Readers can learn about various scenarios where storytelling is applied to manipulate or steer the audience in the wrong direction. The complimentary released section also includes Chapter 35 called “From theory to practice: Uncovering hidden agendas.” It contains practical exercises that the readers can use to analyze specific situations or content if they suspect a hidden intention.

Paulsen commented: “The stories we create and spread can have enormous power. We use storytelling to make connections, and most of the time, we use it with good intentions. However, there is also a dark side to storytelling, which we don’t often talk about but can learn to identify. I believe it is a crucial time to share this section of the book, and I encourage you to read it with an open mind and share it further.”

The released content can be downloaded as a PDF from the book’s website.

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