Friday, September 22, 2023

Personalizing the visitor experience with Convious

Convious has launched a new automated personalization module which is allowing destinations to further enhance the customer journey with targeted messaging for their unique requirements.

The new module is part of the Convious advanced automated marketing package. It recognizes where visitors are in their journey with the destination and tailors content accordingly to ensure that they are always seeing the most appropriate messages.

The destinations are able to create profiles that group visitor types and deliver customized messaging which displays when they visit the website. This grouping can include first time visitors, repeat visitors who haven’t yet booked, abandoned carts and those who have prebooked tickets and are revisiting the site in anticipation of their visit to check details such as weather updates, closures or parking.

The Convious AI delivers the complete infrastructure to collect, sort and analyze visitor data, making it available in a responsive format on web and mobile platforms. This gives the ability to offer a personalized experience online as well as offline. This also delivers operational benefits relating to quickly sharing mission critical information that will affect a guest visit.

The Convious content team has also created a series of templates for 11 predefined audiences with 33 campaigns in four languages. The messaging and branding can be customised by each Convious partner so they can quickly get up and running.

Vanessa Fargard, Product Manager at Convious explains, “By being able to offer visitors a more personalized experience visitors can find what they are looking for more quickly and with customized calls to action, they are more likely to make the decisions you are guiding them towards.”

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