Sunday, October 1, 2023

PGAV Destinations to update and develop master plan for living museum Conner Prairie

PGAV Destinations is continuing its long-standing relationship with Conner Prairie to provide a reimagined Experience Master Plan as well as the development of the Food, Farm and Energy Experience Precinct. PGAV and Conner Prairie first worked together to develop an experience plan in 2008 which resulted in many of the experiences on the site today such as the 1859 Balloon Voyage and the 1863 Civil War Journey. The plan also set the stage for the design and construction of the Estridge Family Treetop Outpost, a PGAV designed project, completed in 2016.

“Fourteen years ago, PGAV completed a Strategic Master Plan that helped define a new vision for this innovative outdoor living history museum, including new attraction products like the iconic 1859 Balloon Voyage. It is tremendously rewarding to have another opportunity to interpret the rich stories of history with the museum’s ‘Eye to the Future,'” said Diane Lochner, PGAV Vice President. “The creativity of our team and the collaboration with visionary leadership at the museum is formulating the overarching visitor experience and interpretive plan. It includes considering and connecting the historic Conner Prairie District to the new Land, Water and Energy Innovation District.”

Photo courtesy of PGAV Destinations.

As the Conner Prairie site expands to include development of the new district on the west side of the White River, there was a need to consider a cohesive planning effort as an overlay to the Site Master Plan connecting the east and west both physically and through an overarching storytelling narrative. PGAV is also advancing concepts for the new Food, Farm and Energy Experience Precinct. The Food, Farm and Energy Experience will showcase innovation in agriculture and inspire visitors to pursue solutions to feed and power the world.

“Eli Lilly started his own farm here in 1934 in the very place where we hope to launch the Food, Farm and Energy Experience,” said Norman Burns, President and CEO of Conner Prairie. “I’m thrilled to see his legacy and innovative spirit continue on in this new activation for guests.”

As first-person interpretation at Conner Prairie, rooted in its core experience of 1836 Prairietown reaches its 50th anniversary, the new Experience Master Plan includes enhanced experiences, fresh perspectives in interpretation and storytelling, and creating relevant connections for today’s audiences.

“We want all of our guests to see their stories represented at Conner Prairie,” commented Rich Cooper, Vice President and Chief Programs Officer. “I’m proud to work with PGAV and our staff on this next chapter to showcases a more complete, diverse and accurate story of our collective history. It’s the story of human connection.”

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