Saturday, April 20, 2024

ProSlide MammothBLAST introduces new raft design

ProSlide Technology Inc. has broken new ground at the world-class expansion of Atlantis Aquaventure in Dubai with its latest innovation, the MammothBLAST™ Water Coaster. This new design combines ProSlide’s leading water coaster BLAST technology with the world of rafting.

“Innovation is in our DNA and the new MammothBLAST™ Water Coaster represents the pinnacle of our innovative technology,” says ProSlide Chief Commercial Officer Ray Smegal. “This revolutionary combination of vision and design makes the MammothBLAST™ the first true family water coaster. It raises the bar by bringing together speed and power into one thrilling shared experience. We’re excited to work with our clients around the world to bring this game- changing water ride to their parks for the ultimate family water coaster experience.”

ProSlide’s MammothBLAST™ Water Coaster combines the face-to-face rafting experience of the company’s original MAMMOTH® water ride with the water coaster’s speed, powered by patented water propulsion from their high-performance BLAST water jets. For a truly high- performance experience, this necessitated the creation of a brand-new piece of technology built specifically for the MammothBLAST – the 5-person Low Center of-Gravity raft. The new design delivers 25% more throughput than was previously possible and allows for a wider range of rider configurations – meaning the vehicle can seat anywhere from 2-5 riders – and includes cushioned seats and a lower center of gravity for a more comfortable experience. This increased versatility of capacity, along with all its other features and innovations, contributes to making MammothBLAST a flexible anchor attraction that sets a new bar for family water rides.

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