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ProSlide’s Dueling PIPElineBLAST Water Coaster premieres at Cafalandia Water Park

ProSlide Technology Inc. congratulates Cafalandia in Bogota, Colombia on the installation of their a state-of-the-art ProSlide Dueling PIPElineBLAST® Water Coaster. The addition of water ride racing to the park adds a new and thrilling element of competition that has grown increasingly popular among guests around the world. Winner of the coveted 2019 IAAPA IMPACT Award, the high-performance water ride is the first dueling water coaster to debut in Latin America and positions Cafalandia as a must-experience leisure destination in the region.

“Cafalandia’s new water coaster is one of the best water rides in the world and sets the park apart as one of the leaders in the region”, says ProSlide’s Vice President, Business Development – Europe and LATAM, Aaron Wilson. “The addition of the Dueling PIPElineBLAST® is a strategic addition and introduces a high-performance water coaster that is exclusive to the region and makes Cafalandia the only place in Latin America to experience this unique attraction. We can’t wait for their guests to start riding and feeling the excitement that comes with being on a ProSlide Water Coaster.”

Cafalandia’s Dueling PIPElineBLAST® is a head-to-head competitive racing water coaster that pits riders against each other in a race to the finish. The ride path was custom designed to include high-speed straightaways and G-force turns that accelerate riders into six of ProSlide’s award-winning FlyingSAUCER® features. Inspired by ProSlide’s skiing heritage, the patented FlyingSAUCER® mimics the speed of a giant slalom ski turn, sending riders into a drop and dive sensation as they accelerate through the turn. Increasing the sensations of racing designed into the ride are patented, competitive features knows as RallyPOINTS. The addition of three RallyPOINTS – sections of u-shaped flume with low divider walls – enhance the racing sensation in the ride by allowing riders to see and hear their competition throughout the ride.

Two patented BLAST booster sections power vehicles through the ride by using precisely positioned water nozzles to propel riders up inclines with uncompromising speed.

Situated in an area with robust and lush vegetation, ProSlide’s ride design team adapted the ride path of the Dueling PIPElineBLAST® to preserve as much of the environment as possible, something that Global Group, the construction company hired by Cafalandia to oversee the project, appreciated. “I want to highlight the human quality that the ProSlide team has. During the execution of the project, we felt very supported by the ProSlide team”, says Javier Baez, General Manager, Global Group. “We have a tight relationship [with ProSlide] and they always gave us fast and appropriate responses.”

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