Thursday, September 28, 2023

Quantum Creative Studios announces Tonya Pope as new head of company

Quantum Creative Studios announces several changes within the company as they move to expand service offerings. This signals the next stage for the company as it continues to expand into emerging new markets.

After successfully guiding the company for nearly a decade, Quantum Creative Studios’ founders, CEO Kelly Easterling and President Jayson Raitt, have transferred the management of the company. “Jayson and I are thrilled with this transition and we’re looking forward to Quantum’s continued success with Tonya at the helm,” states Kelly. Over their tenure, Quantum Creative Studios has successfully completed technical, creative, and turnkey projects for many of the biggest operators in the industry and have worked with the most recognizable IPs. In preparation of the change in leadership, over the past year Kelly and Jayson have made several internal staff changes to reflect the changing dynamics of project life cycles, to position the company to take on more turnkey projects, and to balance the technical and creative divisions appropriately as Quantum continues to evolve.

Moving forward, Tonya Pope, previously Director of Business Development, will assume executive leadership and management of the company. Tonya has spent the last 20+ years developing a broad and well-rounded experience in themed entertainment spaces.

She comes with a B.S. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and started her career in the aerospace industry programming simulators at NASA before deciding to pursue her dream of working in the more creative industry of themed entertainment.

Tonya’s initial work in the industry focused on multimedia production and developing digital interactives.

Over the course of the next twenty years, she focused on entertainment project management and had the opportunity to work with owners and developers on site selection, best use and master planning, and with IP owners on conceptualizing how their IPs translated into real world attractions. Both in the industry and in the commercial world, she put her engineering training to use on the construction side, estimating and managing construction projects that included attractions, theaters, restaurants, retail, and hotels.

Over the course of her career, Tonya has had the opportunity to work with IP owners, developers, venue operators, event producers, talented designers, construction trades, technicians, and equipment manufacturers that come together to create the magic that entertains millions of guests every year.

Under her leadership as Director of Business Development, Quantum successfully moved firmly into the attraction development and experience space completing projects for re-theming of existing attractions and securing contracts for new developments. In addition to her Business Development duties, Tonya has also served in a Project Management role on Special Projects that benefit from her unique background that includes site development, construction, and high end technology. This mix of experience, skills, and business acumen, makes Tonya the right person to lead Quantum Creative Studios into the next decade.

Historically specializing in technical design and show production, Quantum Creative Studios has grown into a full, well-rounded themed experience design firm. With a project range that includes interactive experiences and IP branded events, Quantum continues to grow in the themed entertainment and attraction industry. The company continues to expand internationally with active projects in both Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

As part of the transition, Quantum Creative Studios is moving headquarters from New Jersey to Orlando, Florida. While this move puts us closer to several clients, our workforce remains geographically diverse so that we can remain within easy reach.

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