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Semnox’s Parafait suite of products helps Indonesia’s Gamesindo reopen with ease of operations

Semnox’s Parafait suite of products has helped the entertainment and leisure industry operate venues during the COVID-19 pandemic with ease of operations.

According to Andy Sunjaya, owner of C.V. Mitra Gamesindo in Indonesia: “One of the main challenges we faced while reopening after the pandemic was in bringing in the staff, especially the technicians, and ensuring that safety protocols are followed. This was also a testing time to ensure all the maintenance operations are completed, and the machines are performing well. To add to it, during these low times, investing in sanitation regimes, masks, plexiglass barriers, thermometers has added to our costs, and not to mention, the promotion costs have also gone higher”.

Sunjaya further added that, while the footfall to the facilities was low, the customers are primarily concerned with the safety measures implemented in the facility, as well as the physical well-being of the staff, to ensure they do not contract the COVID-19 virus from them.

Being indoors has inflicted boredom and an urge for the customers to step out to play zones like Gamesindo, the businesses are doing their best to adhere to a lot of safety protocols to ensure a safe environment for the customers. The motto for Gamesindo is BSBA (Bermain Sehat Bersih Aman), which translates to “Healthy, Clean and Safe Playing.” The facility has been using high-tech disinfectant machines called ozonizers to adhere to their motto and keep the air in the play zones clean.

“Implementing Semnox’s Parafait suite of products has helped Gamesindo maintain minimum direct contact with the customers, and that sure is a great advantage. Semnox has a great support team which is available for any help in the operations. While reopening during the ongoing pandemic, the support, service, and the terms of payments provided by Semnox needs to be highly appreciated”, added Sunjaya.

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