Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Semnox partners with Redeam offering synchronization and connectivity to users

Redeam, a leading and independent global connectivity stack with digitized channel management and contactless voucher redemption/reconciliation solutions for the Things To Do sector, announced its partnership with Semnox, one of the world’s leading ticketing and operations management solution providers for venues and attractions. Redeam, which has integrated with online travel agents (OTAs) from around the world, will provide Semnox clients with a seamless connection to sell more tickets to a global consumer base. Semnox, with its value-added approach, sees Redeam’s ability to reduce manual efforts for synchronizing sales and ticket reconciliation efforts while growing the number of its connections as a win for Semnox’s clients. For its client’s guests, Semnox recognizes that Redeam also improves the customer experience by offering a streamlined, error-free check-in process.

Image courtesy of Semnox.

“Redeam continuously looks for partners that align with our innovative, customer-centric solutions approach to the industry, and Semnox is a perfect example of such a partner,” said Redeam Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development Martin Harlow. “As we expand deeper across the Experiences and Things to Do vertical into events and live venues, for example, Redeam will be able to offer even more connectivity options for Semnox clients.”

“We are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Redeam,” says Ashish KS, Group Client Manager, Semnox Solutions. “Redeam is an industry leader providing a one-stop solution for OTA integrations across various platforms and continues to grow rapidly. We believe that together, Semnox and Redeam can expand the reach of venues beyond what they ever had before and all in an automated, streamlined, and the most efficient way.”

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