Monday, July 22, 2024

Semnox RFID Tag Roaming Solution wins US patent

Semnox Solutions, a leading provider of holistic technology solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry, has been granted the US patent for its RFID Tag Roaming, which enables a more seamless guest experience for venue operators with two or more locations.

“We are excited to announce our RFID Tag Roaming Solutions, which provides an innovative approach to offering a seamless experience across all stores for multi-store amusement operators,” said Iqbal Mohammad, chief architect of the Roaming Solution at Semnox. “Our solution provides immense power to multi-store operations by creating a virtual cloud environment wherein the businesses are not risking connectivity issues that disrupt their operations”.

With Semnox’s account roaming solution, customers can enjoy a single user profile/account for venues with multiple stores. This ensures that they can use their entitlements, card balances, loyalty points, and membership benefits across all brand stores while accumulating redemption points.

“Our operators were using several POS Systems as well as various 3rd party applications to operate their locations. This was a barrier to effective management and analysis of our business, as we had no unification or top-level transparency. The Semnox system provided an all-in-one system that brought us all together, as well as incorporated new tools such as online booking/reservations and e-commerce,” said Chris King, president of Monster Mini Golf, a 30-plus chain of family entertainment centers.

The innovative solution uses a software-only approach that synchronizes a local activity with a cloud database, which is then accessible to other stores in real time. The on-demand capability of the solution provides just-in-time roaming when required. This feature optimizes costs and provides an efficient solution for multi-unit venues.

“This approach eliminates the need for expensive hardware and database software feature costs, reducing the total cost of ownership,” explained Mohammad. “The solution is scalable and can be used in small-band stores or corporations with hundreds of stores.”

Stores can also be zoned into auto-roam clusters creating region-based zones where roaming activity is more frequent. By restricting synchronization activity to set zone levels, the latest information is made available to all stores in the zone while saving on network bandwidth and storage.

“We needed something that gave us all the functionality within the industry that was tailor-made to us from party booking to game card system interactions and redemption points, and loyalty programs. Semnox was the only solution that’s really covered every piece of that without having to integrate other software,” said Mike Abecassis, owner of GameTime, a multi-unit entertainment venue located throughout Florida.

The solution’s ability for two-way synchronization between the cloud and the stores gives corporations more control over operations from their headquarters. Implemented with e-commerce, Tag Roaming can also help create products and launch promotions from HQ to push to all locations.

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