Friday, April 19, 2024

Semnox ups the game adding another country, Angola to its FEC list

Semnox, with its global presence in 55 countries is now expanding its horizons. The company’s latest implementation is at Level-Up, an FEC based in Luanda, Angola in Central African.

Level Up’s store operations involves arcade games, indoor play area and a cafeteria. Semnox’s Parafait FEC solution was implemented at the venue to take advantage of a single solution for all the operational demands of the venue. While the arcade games were powered by Semnox’s Lumin readers and the indoor play area management was enabled with Xter readers for easy check-in/ check-out, some of the additional modules in use at the venue include solutions for POS operations, loyalty and memberships, inventory management, digital signage and dashboard and reporting.

Photo courtesy of Semnox

“When looking for a solution for an FEC, it is not only important to consider a good debit card solution, but also the factors that contribute to making the experience at the venue memorable for the guests and profitable for us – as operators. Our focus on customer experience led us to Semnox. We are also in the process of adding Party Booking system to our services at the venue, and this will also be powered by Semnox’s Parafait FEC Solution”, says Mrs. Souheir Hachem, CEO at Level Up

“Angola is a new and a very promising win for us. It is our first implementation in the country, and we are glad that we were able to provide a single solution that will take care of all the needs for Level Up. We are happy to see how venues are paying more attention to customer experience and they see the value add of solutions like loyalty management, reporting and analytics to enhance the customer experience. We wish Level Up a great going!”, says Mr. Darshith, Sales Lead for Middle East and Africa at Semnox Solutions DMCC.

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