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Short StopZ lowers price point for safety

Sans Gear, distributors of Short StopZ, the Industry’s only energy-absorbing Impact Protection System for tubing and Winter Sports, in an effort to help support industry safety, and the industry at large in these uncertain economic times, tasked the factory to retool manufacturing and renegotiated with suppliers to lower costs. Their combined effort has given Sans Gear and their authorized dealer, Idaho Sewing for Sports, the ability to offer the Short StopZ Snow Sports Impact Protection System at the lowest price ever during the product’s history.

“We have always lived by the motto, Your success is our success!” states Jim King, CEO of Sans Gear. Receiving feedback that, uncertainty, fostered by fuel scares, media hype and the political climate caused hill managers and owners to reconsider expenditures on safety gear, Sans Gear was recently challenged to take decisive action to support our clients in making safety more accessible on ever tightening budgets. “We don’t want Guest safety to take a back seat due to cost. Our Clients had a target price point in mind, so we sharpened our pencils to cut margins, and renegotiated with suppliers to get the components down in price.”

“We have been in the Leisure Industry for many years, our Clients are like family. If we can help to weather the storm, it’s our responsibility to do so,” commented Jan Shaw, President of Sans Gear. “Sans Gear was formed to guide our Clients through the Adventuretainment jungle, and Safety has always been our primary concern. With a little extra effort, we have been able to shave thousands of dollars off of the retail price. This makes the most advanced impact technology in the world available to any facility that cares about protecting their Guests and their bottom line. Short StopZ pays for itself in short order.”

Short StopZ is based on a multiple award-winning, internationally patented energy-absorbing technology that has been service-proven for over 9 years, in over 20 countries. The same technology is revolutionizing the stunt industry, gymnastics, circus, climbing, outdoor adventure, rescue and the world of interactive amusements, allowing unrestricted aerial fun, fall protection and impact absorption application. “What makes this technology so unique is, unlike inflatable technology, it mitigates the two factors that contribute to injury: Surface Tension and Kinetic Energy Transfer,” states Jim, “Antiquated stunt and inflatable technology not only reflects but can magnify energy. That energy has to go somewhere. Short StopZ’ unique design absorbs energy into the system and away from the body. The technology won First Place for Best New Product Technology when it premiered in the U.S. at IAAPA 2007.” Short StopZ has been successfully installed at resorts such as, Massanutten and Wintergreen Resorts in Virginia.

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Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki
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