Monday, October 2, 2023

Silverwood expands Boulder Beach Water Park

Silverwood announces the Emerald Forest, a nearly 4 acre (30% increase) expansion of its current Boulder Beach Water Park. Filled with activities and attractions for every family member, the Emerald Forest is a place where guests can immerse yourself themselves in the wonders of nature.

Eagle Hunt

The crown jewel of this expansion is Eagle Hunt, the first dueling water coaster in the west and the longest dueling water coaster in the United States. Standing at 925 feet in length, riders will race against the clock as you slide through 3 high-speed flyingSAUCERs, get blasted up 4 hills, and dive through the first ProSlide Shadow Effect as you splash to the bottom.

With this water coaster having two lanes, not only will riders be able to race against your friends, but the park is setting up a truly unique time trials experience where they’ll be able to pick their prey and race down the slide like an eagle in pursuit of its prey. If they get to the bottom in the specified time, they will have “caught” your prey. If they don’t make it in time, the prey will have got away. Silverwood is excited to finally bring a water coaster to the Pacific Northwest.

Salmon Run

For the little adventurers, Silverwood presents Salmon Run, an immersive kiddie area inspired by the fish that inhabit Idaho lakes. Ranging from 36 to 82 feet long, guests will whiz down twisting tunnels, winding tracks, and splash in the refreshing waters. With 8 different slides to choose from, kids will be entertained for hours. The area will feature a new splash pad as well.

Rapids Grill

Silverwood is improving efficiency with its new food pavilion, Rapids Grill. This grab-and-go location will theoretically output 1200 guests per hour, which will help with food wait times and the overall guest experience.

Hook, Line, and Sippers

Hook, Line, and Sippers is where guests will be able to grab their favorite drink to go.

New Cabanas

Private cabanas is another feature added to the expansion, as they are so coveted during the summer. With this expansion, Silverwood will add 32 new private cabanas and 5 new group cabanas that can hold up to 20 guests.

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