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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Fright Fest



Massacre Mine

Additional Fee Required

Presented by 3 MUSKETEERS® Brand
Additional fee required.
Explore an abandoned Gold Rush mine in search of gold, but be careful because terror lurks around every corner of this decrepit mine … [Read More]

Cirkus Berzerkus

Pay a visit to this chaotic zone where murderous clowns run rampant in the moonlight. Praying on the darkest fears of its victims, the clowns always know where they can find you. [Read More]

Bloodbath Bayou

What lays beneath the Discovery Kingdom waters is far from a tranquil lagoon. Instead what awaits are monstrous crocodiles, decaying zombies, scaly beasts and other unexpected inhabitants that want nothing more than to … [Read More]

Slaughter House Pig Farms

Additional Fee Required

Presented by M&M’S® Brand
Additional fee required.
Come visit the Slaughterhouse Pig Farm — a formerly condemned; family owned pork-processing plant where human flesh is served to …[Read More]

The Last Ride

Additional Fee Required

Additional fee required.
Dare to experience the sensation of being buried alive. Those brave enough to attempt the unthinkable will be treated to an earth-shattering peek into the life that follows death. [Read More]

Captain Bloat’s Shipwreck of Horror

Additional Fee Required

Presented by DOVE® Chocolate
Additional fee required.
The remnants of a 200-year-old shipwreck still rests on the bottom floor of the Pacific Ocean just outside Vallejo. Supposedly guarded by …[Read More]

Nightmare Manor

Additional Fee Required

Presented by TWIX® Brand
Additional fee required.
After Nicholas Nightmare’s untimely death, his eccentric twin daughters were left to fend for themselves. Living alone in this 13-room manor on … [Read More]

Scrapyard of the Dead

Additional Fee Required

Presented by göt2b®
Additional fee required.
The workers of this ominous yet raucous junkyard are dead, but they don’t actually know it. They just wander the grounds adding to their …[Read More]

New! Total Darkness

Additional Fee Required

Additional fee required.
The construction of an advanced transportation system has veiled the world into darkness. Now your mind must find your way as you wind around with no light to guide you. Scream if you … [Read More]

New! Arachnid Alley

Bartholomew Bittmore loves spiders, they’re his companions, his friends, his devoted followers, and he’s bred them to protect him from anyone that wants to harm them. [Read More]

New! Mt. Rotting Cemetery

Causing a man’s death for a knapsack does not bode well for a pair of unsavory characters. Their deed results in a living dead state that puts them at odds with the dead man and you! [Read More]


The Awakening

Nicholas Nightmare has been accused of horrific crimes against humanity. Is he guilty? The crowd will decide his fate on the hangman’s gallows. A spooky Awakening to your Fright by Night! [Read More]

Dance Macabre

Join the deadly dance party. This annual event has been a Halloween tradition for thousands of years bringing the most morbid and macabre characters together to shun the “normals.” [Read More]

The Aftermath Closing Show

Presented by SNICKERS®. With almost all evidence of the 2005 zombie apocalypse erased, humans are once again willing to reenter Discovery Kingdom. Dare to explore the one place where the zombies have yet to … [Read More]

Drench Rocks!

Presented by Toyota®
Before it was converted into a beautiful dolphin sanctuary, the pool at Discovery Kingdom once housed a wicked 70’s roller-rink. Subliminal messaging in the rink’s disco music forced … [Read More]

Pirates of the Dead Sea

A mystical portal beneath Discovery Kingdom opens once a year allowing wicked goblins to escape from their underground lair. The goblin’s main objective is a view of the sea lions at Six Flags. Guests also looking to enjoy … [Read More]


Boomerang Coast to Terror

The greatest scientific minds in San Francisco have gone mad trying to understand the deadly and befuddling mystery hidden deep within one of the most scariest and brain melting attractions in the world. [Read More]

Thunder Road Zombie Invasion

Beneath Thunder Road Speedway Go-Karts rests an ancient zombie burial ground. Inert until recently, the thousand year old zombies seek to expand their ranks while enjoying a feast of young brains. [Read More]

SkyScreamer Orc Attack!

There is a nest of Orc chefs living beneath SkyScreamer. The delectable culinary creations they create from for our park guests make for fine eating. [Read More]

Sky Coaster Mind Melt

[Additional Fee Required]
Leeches suck your blood. Snakes lick your eyes. And bats will fight each other for an unpunctured bit of your flesh. [Read More]

The Medusa Witch

Beneath Medusa lies the remains of a witch who destroyed a thriving town and left a terrible curse for anyone who dares to set foot on the property. [Read More]

Lost Souls of Kong

Kong may be one of the most celebrated steel coasters in the world, but it is also the premier residence in the park for angry, disillusioned spirits whose only joy in death is tormenting riders in the most painful ways imaginable. [Read More]

Hammerhead Shark Infested

The Hammerhead Shark has become home to millions of man-eating insects who have a particular craving for young flesh. Young skin – once smooth – bubbles, crusts and erupts with sores that itch, ooze, and contaminate. [Read More]

Cobra Monster Mine

Cobra sits on land that used to be one of the most profitable gold and silver mines in California until a terrible incident that caused hundreds of men to disappear. The old track has been closed for years, but we’re pleased … [Read More]

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