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Soundtrack for SkyFly: Soar America flying theater recorded at legendary Ocean Way Studio in Nashville

One of North America’s first flying theaters to open since the start of the pandemic, SkyFly: Soar America, is finalizing its soundtrack in Nashville, Tennessee. The attraction, scheduled to open this summer, will be a cornerstone attraction at The Island in Pigeon Forge.

A full orchestra of 70 musicians recorded for the attraction this month at the legendary Ocean Way Nashville Studio. Brian Yessian of Yessian Music, the Chief Creative Officer for the attraction’s sound, states that Tennessee musicians are critical to creating the right sound. “We are fortunate that some of the best musicians in the world reside close to SkyFly’s location, making this a truly home-grown experience.”

Flying theaters simulate flight, as the entire seating area moves in perfect synchronization with a movie, adding wind and sent to the music for an exhilarating, immersive experience. SkyFly: Soar America’s film is a showcase of the country’s natural wonders from a unique, in-flight perspective.

Composer Nathan Padgett explains how he approached the score for the movie. “Each theme was carefully crafted to complement the stunning visuals of majestic American landmarks. The music intensifies each rise, turn and drop, and makes the grand landscapes larger than life.”

The attraction will be filled with music from the moment guests enter the lobby, into the theater and finally the retail area. Yessian explains, “The sound is built in a way to take guests on a journey connecting one area to the next and supporting the arc of the attractions story. Every detail in sound design, music styles and thematic compositions are used to form a complete guest experience.”

The flying theater attraction is being created by Dynamic Entertainment, a subsidiary of Dynamic Technologies Group. Sister subsidiary, Dynamic Attractions supplied SkyFly’s flying theater, and also designs and builds rides for global attractions and theme park operators such as Disney Parks and Universal Parks and Resorts. Yessian adds “Anytime we get to work with the team from Dynamic, we know it is going to be a hit.”

SkyFly: Soar America is Dynamic Technologies Group’s first co-venture attraction; The Island in Pigeon Forge is its partner. Dynamic has an option to purchase 50% of this co-venture.

IMAGES courtesy Dynamic Technologies Group

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